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  • Dani
    How to begin a great discussion
    Thank you for starting new discussions and asking questions. The more you contribute, the better this community becomes. Here are a few tips to help you create great discussions: Make the discussion title or question as descriptive as possible. A good discussion title is a short preview of your post and is what gets people to click and read. A well written title is also going to help search engin…
    Announcement Dani 69 views 0 comments Started by Dani Welcome
  • ckong11
    Plans for multiple shared repositories in KAF?
    Are there any plans to allow for multiple shared repositories in KAF like there is for Mediaspace? It would really help a group of instructional designers share media across sites they are building out in the LMS (specifically Canvas and Moodle). I found this: https://knowledge.kaltura.com/help/how-to-create-multiple-shared-repositories-in-kaf And I am hoping to replicate this for KAF: https://…
    Accepted Answer ckong11 26 views 5 comments Most recent by ckong11 Kaltura platform
  • dennis
    using a link combined with a topics filter
    If we have a channel page with 20 channels and I want to give someone a link to the page but I know that they are only interest in "X" channels is there any way to use Channel Filters as part of the URL to limit the channels that get displayed. If there is another way to do it I am all ears. Thanks, Dennis Eisenstein Defense Acquisition University
    Answered dennis 8 views 1 comment Most recent by mkraft Higher Education
  • chrismmurray
    YouTube Publishing Experience
    Hi, Does anyone have direct experience with publishing simultaneously to YT and KMS? I'm looking for anecdotes and insights, advantages and drawbacks to this scenario of having content being available in in both environments simultaneously. I'm also interested in learning if there are any advantages or insights in reporting and analytics. Finally, what am I not asking? I don't know what I don't…
    Answered chrismmurray 24 views 5 comments Most recent by dennis Kaltura platform
  • hpinon
    Zoom-Kaltura Integration - No source video was found
    In the past couple of days we had 39 entries from Zoom that show up in Kaltura without a "No Media" status. Most of the other videos are sent to Kaltura without any issues. Has anybody else experienced this? Has anybody found what the issue is? Thank you.
    Answered hpinon 4 views 1 comment Most recent by thomas_ellis Higher Education
  • AlexMartinez
    Which ZOOM cloud recording file gets moved over to Kaltura?
    Regarding the ZOOM-Kaltura integration -- ZOOM creates a few cloud recording copies. Which video gets moved over to Kaltura? Record active speaker with shared screen Record gallery view with shared screen Thank you, Alex
    Accepted Answer AlexMartinez 36 views 6 comments Most recent by desmondg Higher Education
  • thomas_ellis
    OneDrive and Teams recordings manual import via Add New
    Just in case anyone missed it, we released the ability to add OneDrive integration as a manual option in the Add New menu of your KMS and/or KAF. This would allow your users to import recordings from their OneDrive account (including their Microsoft Teams recordings stored in OneDrive) easily into Kaltura. See https://knowledge.kaltura.com/help/import-from-onedrive-to-kaltura for more info, and…
    thomas_ellis 4 views 0 comments Started by thomas_ellis Higher Education
  • hub220
    Any issues embedding in Canvas group discussions?
    We have several large courses where students work in groups. Students in the groups are trying to embed their video entries in their group discussions via the Kaltura plugin in the rich text editor. We are consistently getting a "Page Error" each time a user attempts this. Has anybody else experienced this? Has anybody found a workaround? (Other than embedding from MediaSpace) I di…
    Answered hub220 15 views 2 comments Most recent by jmwatson Higher Education
  • Russ
    Weekly Customer Office Hours for 1/25/22
    This week's Office Hours recording is now available: https://eduteam.mediaspace.kaltura.com/media/t/1_n4nw0j4g/81193341 Agenda: Onedrive and "Add New" Drop Folder Overview Special Tribute: 10 Years of Jack Sharon If you need access to the Office Hours channel, click here: https://eduteam.mediaspace.kaltura.com/officehours
    Announcement Russ 3 views 0 comments Started by Russ Office Hours
  • drobinso_ggc
    Zoom-Kaltura Integration - No Captions
    We have recently set up the Zoom marketplace Zoom-Kaltura integration and it is sending our Zoom cloud recordings to Kaltura as we wished. However, though we have Send Transcripts selected in the integration setup and we have all videos receive auto captions, our zoom videos do not have captions. I have a ticket in with Kaltura, but wondered if anyone has seen this and if I'm just missing somethi…
    Accepted Answer drobinso_ggc 35 views 3 comments Most recent by AlexMartinez Higher Education
  • zenandjuice
    Filtering analytics by user results, by category?
    Several of my faculty share videos and video quizzes, and when they view the User Engagement per user analytics, they see all plays of the videos. Has anyone found a way to filter those results by category? Since the LMS course_id is in the category name, that would be a useful way to filter for just their students.
    Question zenandjuice 8 views 0 comments Started by zenandjuice Kaltura platform