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  • Dani
    Kaltura October Product Release Notes
    Check out some of the cool items in the pending release. What's New Analytics Audience analytics dashboards (Technology and Geo location) may now be filtered by playback types such as: VOD, Live and DVR. Multiple choice selection has been enable for playback types in the Engagement Dashboard. Additional metrics were added to the Real-time discovery graph: visual indicator for the metric type (QoS…
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  • Dani
    "Access Denied" errors when accessing Media Gallery - Important Update
    Hi everyone, We have received reports from a few customers regarding “Access denied” errors when accessing content in a Media Gallery. While this is not affecting all customers and many accounts, and while teams are investigating this with high priority, we did want to bring this to your attention for the following reason/ benefits in case you do come across this issue of “Access Denied” error me…
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  • Dani
    Kaltura at the University of Padua
    Check out this great story about Kaltura at The University of Padua in Italy!
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  • Dani
    What's New: August Product Newsletter
    What's Included: Kaltura Video Conferencing App (open beta), our dedicated app for Kaltura Meetings, Kaltura Virtual Classroom and Kaltura Webinars is now available for both iOS and Android. Also check out our Get Started User Guide. New Transcoding Profile for Zoom recordings designed for greater transcoding efficiency and quality playback experience was released this week Virtual Events New Inv…
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  • stephanieng
    Issue arising from Kaltura's update ib 11/7/21
    Hi All  Did any other customers using Kaltura Virtual Classroom encounter the following pop up alert when trying to enter the Kaltura room on 11/7 SGT 7pm to 1020pm? The alert encountered by our instance was "Upgrade Browser Version. You are using an outdated version of your browser. Please update your browser to join or check out Newrow system requirements" This was despite the browser…
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  • Dani
    Alert: Parent/Child entries (dual screen appearance) affected by new Zoom integration flow
    Our engineering team identified a bug with entries uploaded via the new Zoom integration (Drop Folder). We are referring to a scenario with Parent and Child entries when child entry type is “Audio” only (without picture/video) and also when the  effected account configure the Parent entry to show on the  small screen, and the Child on the main screen.  When Zoom content uploaded with a Parent and…
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  • Dani
    Alert:New Zoom Integration: Uploaded Entry from Zoom may not be visible for user
    Description and Scenario Our engineering team identified a buggy scenario with entries uploaded via new Zoom integration (Drop Folder).  When content/entry uploaded from Zoom and the owner details are not similar to the user info as it exists in KMS, then such issue would occur. Please find below examples for when the problem might surface:  1. User in KMS exist as “John.Mark”, but  on the Zoom s…
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  • Dani
    Update regarding recent upload errors in KMS
    Greetings, Sharing an important update from the Customer Care team below. The recent Mediaspace deployment on May 11th contained two changes related to resolving upload errors. The first was related to file size. The second added the ability to test a different configuration as another potential improvement. Specifically, it added a configuration feature, a flag that could manually change/contro…
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  • Dani
    May Product Updates!
    Greetings, The May product newsletter was just sent out. You can view the details here. Regards!
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