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  • rileya
    Using KMS as a video repository for a LCMS
    Has anybody use Kaltura Media Space as a video assets repository to be use with an e-Learning Authoring tool or Learning Content Management system (i.e. Xyleme, dominKnow)?
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  • ekuligow
    Using CSS to hide elements
    I am trying to hide a radio button on the create sub-galleries page. I was able to hide the text, however no matter what I try the "User Agent Style sheet" overrides the changes I make to the radio button. Any ideas would be gratefully accepted.
    ekuligow 19 views 2 comments Most recent by ekuligow
  • ekuligow
    Is it just me or is next to impossible to find the correct API to use
    So I agree Kaltura has an enormous amount of API's and if you can find that right one and the correct parameters to enter you get and do pretty much anything you need to. HOWEVER (yes caps are intentional) trying to find the correct one, and when you do find it, find the correct attributes. Example; I am trying to find users that have the role PrivateOnly. all the fields I find want the integer n…
    Answered ekuligow 35 views 3 comments Most recent by Meytal_Zeldich
  • Tom
    Advice on packaging of the Kaltura Capture Application for enterprise environments?
    The problem is that the Kaltura Capture application is installed under Program Files in our environment. Security has blocked user access to anything in Program Files, so when users attempt to access the settings in Kaltura Capture, they are unable to modify the settings. We've been working on installing the application under program files (for SCCM management), but the settings under c:\users\p…
    Answered Tom 52 views 7 comments Most recent by ekuligow
  • melaniecrowsey
    Webcast Stream in Newrow (Meeting Experience)
    Is anyone using Webcast Stream in the Tools section of Meeting Experience (Newrow)? I would love to talk to you and see what best practices you have and compare them to ours.
    melaniecrowsey 92 views 12 comments Most recent by Meytal_Zeldich
  • ekuligow
    Looking for a list of "UI Plugins" to more customize a player.
    I know somewhere out in cyberspace' there is a list of all the plugins that can be used to truly make a custom video player. My current need is to customize a V7 player with the following: stop user from being able to scrub/fast forward thru a video, remove the; settings, skip forward, skip back, and PIP icons. I also need away that when the video ends the viewer is redirected to a url. If anyone…
    Answered ✓ ekuligow 51 views 6 comments Most recent by Meytal_Zeldich
  • ekuligow
    Is there a way to display "My Subscriptions" in KMS?
    I know this can be turned on for "KMSGO". Should it not be the same for "KMS"? In fact I cannot even find a way for a user to check there subscriptions.
    Answered ✓ ekuligow 25 views 5 comments Most recent by Russ
  • erhan14
    Kaltura HLS videos not completed
    Hello there, When some of the HLS videos we get through Kaltura come to the final chunk , the videoBitrate increases and the video becomes distorted. This problem does not occur in every video. Can you review it? Error: Problem encountered with playlist 1-https://mn360-stream.mncdn.com/hls/p/132/sp/13200/serveFlavor/entryId/0_xzbbah82/v/2/ev/10/flavorId/0_wu0l0ubi/name/a.mp4/index.m3u8. Only audi…
    erhan14 33 views 2 comments Most recent by Russ
  • ekuligow
    Tagging and Taxonomy at the enterprise level
    If you are like me, you struggle with "tagging" media. Bloomberg being in the "Big Data" arena, one would think there was enterprise wide "Taxonomy." From what we have found so far there is not. This posting is to start a discussion on how "Unified Tagging" can be accomplished, or is being accomplished. I am pulling together a meeting, of who we believe are…
    ekuligow 18 views 1 comment Most recent by Piper
  • chrismmurray
    Playlists displayed as Tiles
    Hi, Does anyone know of way to display the playlists on the KMS channel as tiles like you can regular media? Thanks, Chris
    Answered ✓ chrismmurray 79 views 8 comments Most recent by Russ