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    Send your faculty to KAMP! October Kaltura Academic Media and Pedagogy (KAMP) session!
    The October 14 session is entitled: KAMP: Increasing Teaching Presence with Video: Why, When, and How? Teaching presence is an indispensable element that interacts with social and cognitive presence in a community of inquiry (CoI) to create deep and meaningful learning experiences. Learn why, when, and how to use videos to increase teaching presence in an online class as described in the CoI fra…
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    Kaltura Academic Media & Pedagogy-September 9th Introduction to Universal Design for Learning (UDL)
    Greetings, Welcome back to a new academic school year, I hope everyone had an enjoyable summer. Our next KAMP webinar has been confirmed for September 9th. KAMP: Providing Multiple Means of Representation in Universal Design for Learning (UDL): What Is It and Why Use Videos? Please sign up here: https://corp.kaltura.com/resources/webinars/kamp-multiple-means-udl/ Regards,
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    Kaltura Academic Technology & Pedagogy (KAMP) Call for Proposals
    Hello, and thank you for your consideration to present to other Kaltura clients in the Kaltura Academic Media and Technology (KAMP) Webinar Series! This series is intended to help institutions like yours, and those faculty and instructional designers who benefit from Kaltura, with best practices for using video in your teaching and learning endeavors. Along the way, we want to present best practi…
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    Kaltura Academic Media & Pedagogy (KAMP) Session Resources
    All, Did you know that we post recordings from our sessions following each one? Also, we provide the PPT deck. Feel free to reuse these resources in your own training programs. If you have any questions, please contact me: [email protected] or message me @donnaj by clicking on my community name and sending a direct message. Enjoy!
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    Kaltura Academic Media & Pedagogy (KAMP) Coming Back in September!
    All, We will be coming back in September with some exciting sessions for our faculty, designers and other end users. Please keep an eye on the KAMP website for registrations to these fall sessions. Enjoy your summer! https://corp.kaltura.com/kamp-webinars/
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