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  • Dani
    Community is now available to all Kaltura customers
    We have opened the community for all! Please spread the word with your peers and colleagues to join the community. Register here: Introduce yourself here: Overview of the Community here: Blog on…
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  • Dani
    Customer Care Chat is live!
    Greetings, You have been asking for chat service and we listened. Like many of you, we believe this is another channel of service that will greatly benefit our customers (and the feedback from the Pilot reinforces that belief). We successfully wrapped up the pilot and went live with chat service for all customers on August 2nd! Chat support is designed to provide fast answers to how-to questions,…
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  • Dani
    Kaltura IPO
    IT'S OFFICIAL: KALTURA IS NOW A PUBLIC COMPANY, TRADED ON NASDAQ! We are super excited to continue to power any video experience for any organization and humanize virtual connections across the globe. #KalturaIPO A big shout out and thank you to all of our Kaltura customers, without you today doesn't happen.
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  • Dani
    The Future of Work!
    Great video from our GM Navi Azaria that was shared on LinkedIn. Enjoy!
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  • Dani
    Customer Care: Chat Pilot – You're Invited!
    Kaltura Customer Care is adding chat support and you’re invited! Chat offers a direct communication channel for how-to questions, quick answers and issue resolution. Chat also allows you to check on the status of on-going cases.   Chat is being launched in 3 phases:   Phase 1: Beta  Phase 2: Pilot   Phase 3: Full Launch  Currently we are in the Pilot phase of chat support, meaning that chat is av…
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  • Dani
    Monday morning Community newsletter
    Greetings to our Community members! We are now 2. 5 weeks since launching the Community and I wanted to share some highlights. Through this morning, 429 invites have been sent out and we are seeing about a 40% registration rate through the end of last week. If you have colleagues that should receive an invite or who may have not seen it in their inbox please direct message me @Dani so I can get t…
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  • Dani
    What is the Beta program for the new Community?
    Welcome to the Kaltura Customer Community (Beta)! We look forward to collaborating with all of your to curate great content and develop an awesome community experience in the coming weeks. We will use the Beta period to fine tune the overall experience through. the summer before opening things up to all Kaltura customers and a public launch. The Beta Community is private and invitation only. If y…
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