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  • zenandjuice
    Hi there... I haven't executed the https://github.com/kaltura/Kaltura-Library-Export-Excel tool in awhile, but using php v8.1.7 I get a number of deprecated errors: PHP Deprecated: Return type of MultiRequestSubResult::offsetExists($offset) should either be compatible with ArrayAccess::offsetExists(mixed $offset): bool, or the #[\ReturnTypeWillChange] attribute should be used to temporarily suppr…
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  • christopher_phillips
    Adding a mailto link to a video
    We are hoping to be able to add notice with a mailto link in some of our videos, something to the effect of: Captions are available upon request by sending an email to [email protected] Where "[email protected]" is a mailto link. Currently, this doesn't seem to be allowed in the Description field and as far as I can tell, you also can't add a mailto link using custom data. Does…
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  • scollovati
    Usecases for entries custom metadata
    Hi all, we're exploring the possibility of using custom metadata for enhancing the entries tags. Do you have some usecases or literature to share? I've searched for ideas here and in the kaltura public website with no luck 😀
    scollovati 485 views 8 comments Most recent by dennis
  • dennis
    Kaltura Embed in MS Applications
    IS there a trick to getting a MS office application such as PowerPoint to accept a Kaltura embed code. It is not working with an iFrame code - the iFrame can be used without issue in SharePoint but not in Word / PowerPoint. Any help even it just doesn't work would be greatly appreciated. Dennis Eisenstein TPM - DAU Media DAU
    Answered dennis 414 views 4 comments Most recent by dennis
  • christopher_phillips
    Status of V7 Player Beta
    Last year there was a great presentation in the August 24th office hours about the V7 player and the work that was happening to get all of the plugins ready. At the time, the product manger shared that they were planning an Early Adopter/Beta program that was hoped to be available in mid-October. My understanding is that program has been delayed and hasn't yet started. From that discussion, my u…
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  • thomas_ellis
    Exporting your KMS and/or KAF configs
    Sometimes it would be useful for an admin to be able to export their KMS and/or KAF config to a file, especially if you are managing multiple instances (perhaps for something like a PROD and a TEST/DEV setup) and you'd like to compare settings to see what is different. The following url syntax can be used for downloading your config: https://{YOUR_KAF_OR_KMS_URL}/admin/export-config?ks={VALID_ADM…
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  • mkraft
    To Automatic Caption or Not?
    We have a new accessibility section going into our standard practice guide soon. In addition to other accessibility related items, this will shine a light on our captioning services for media. Past sentiment was to have it be opt-in, but post lock-down, this seems to be shifting to all-in despite the potential for errors. Do you have automatic machine captions on or off in your instance? How do …
    Answered mkraft 404 views 2 comments Most recent by jbalducc
  • jessicamasters
    Are there compatibility issues between Kaltura Capture and certain monitors?
    I have a laptop connected to an external monitor. I have used Kaltura Capture for years. I recently got a new monitor and since then, I cannot use the screen capture feature of Kaltura. When I go to start a new screen record, the Kaltura opens and starts to load, but then crashes before I can select anything. I've attached a video demonstration. I've tried to change every possible setting I coul…
    Question jessicamasters 390 views 0 comments Started by jessicamasters
  • gcohen
    User Reporting
    One thing I have found is there seems to be a lack of user reporting that I can find. Does anyone have a suggestion on how I can find the top contributors and top users in general? Everything seems to be isolated analytics for a particular media piece and not the system wide as a whole. If you are doing anything when it comes to user reporting i'd be very interested in learning more. Thanks so…
    Answered gcohen 385 views 1 comment Most recent by Meytal_Zeldich
  • Tom
    Reporting on Comments Field Usage
    Hello, Is anyone aware of a way to pull analytics for how often the Comments field is used on the platform? We'd like to gather insights into it's use (How often, which pieces of media contain them, etc.) Thanks in advance, Tom
    Answered Tom 395 views 3 comments Most recent by sdicks