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  • christopher_phillips
    Tool to Identify Embedded Kaltura Video IDs
    At Utah State University we often have a need to identify the video ID of a video that is embedded on a page - in our case, mostly Canvas pages. Right now we generally do that by viewing the course code and tracking down the entry ID there which can be cumbersome and overwhelming for people not familiar with HTML. To make that process easier, one of our student developers - Kade Howes, has built…
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  • mkraft
    Classroom Lecture Capture event edit errors
    We find we are unable to edit existing scheduled events. We're getting access denied.  It's probably no coincidence that there are two scheduler related today's release notes. We have opened ticket 00399963. While they've been able to replicate, if you're having the same issue, I suggest you put in a ticket. More data points could help to solve this more quickly. This is cross posted in the Kaltu…
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  • angdehart
    Position Announcement: Kaltura Admin at Rice University
    Come join the Learning Environments team at Rice University. We are looking for a talented Learning Platform Administrator and technologist that will administer our campus media management system and manage our canvas LTI integrations. This position is eligible for remote work consideration. https://emdz.fa.us2.oraclecloud.com/hcmUI/CandidateExperience/en/sites/CX_1001/job/934
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  • JDCimino
    Analytics and permissions
     I have a question regarding being able to view Analytics. As the Media Owner, I am able to view analytics just fine. However, I was under the impression that if I created a Media Collaborator with a permission level of Co-Editor, that user would also be able to view analytics. While the user can see the analytics page, they see not analytics data.   Is the better practice to create a group that …
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  • zenandjuice
    Filtering analytics by user results, by category?
    Several of my faculty share videos and video quizzes, and when they view the User Engagement per user analytics, they see all plays of the videos. Has anyone found a way to filter those results by category? Since the LMS course_id is in the category name, that would be a useful way to filter for just their students.
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  • chrismmurray
    Badges in Media Space KMS)
    Has anyone devised/developed/deployed any type of badging system in the Media Space environment?
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  • gcohen
    Post Webcast Event survey
    Does anyone conduct post webcast event surveys? I am curious if anyone does this and if so how do they do it? Initial thoughts are to just place a link to a Survey Monkey survey in the display tab of the event and send the participants there for the link. We had another platform that we used to use that had this feature built in but it appears as Kaltura doesn't have this that I can find. Int…
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  • chrismmurray
    Adding users to a private channel automatically
    Hi all, In Media space, is there a way to add users to a private channel in some kind of automated fashion? Use case: I want to be able to send a link to private channel to a specific group of customers, when they click the link and login, they are automatically added as a user to that private channel. I want to avoid doing that manually as there may be a hundred or so people I want to access th…
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  • ckong11
    Plans for multiple shared repositories in KAF?
    Are there any plans to allow for multiple shared repositories in KAF like there is for Mediaspace? It would really help a group of instructional designers share media across sites they are building out in the LMS (specifically Canvas and Moodle). I found this: https://knowledge.kaltura.com/help/how-to-create-multiple-shared-repositories-in-kaf And I am hoping to replicate this for KAF: https://…
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  • emrickc
    How to hide publishing categories without deleting them
    Based on the information presented in a past office hours meeting, we revamped our MediaSpace using channels in place of galleries. For some cases, we still have galleries that contain multiple channels. In this case, we removed all media within this "Arts" gallery and moved the media into 3 channels within that gallery. We encourage folks to upload/add their media to the channels and n…
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