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  • ekuligow
    Finding the correct API
    I am pulling my hair out. All I am trying to do is get an output of users and there roles. While the API Docs define the field their is no where to find out which of the thousand API's to use. Has anyone found a DB or a KB that can be searched to find the correct API to use.
    Answered ekuligow 21 views 1 comment Most recent by omkar_indulkar
  • mkraft
    Where are the KMS docs for new modules
    It seems like every time I go into the KMS admin I stumble upon new a new module that I had no idea was added. Usually, there are no Kaltura docs to go with them. Since they are in our KMS, I'm making an assumption these modules are there for good reasons, but I have no idea if they really apply to our use cases or not. How do we learn more about: EmailService EmailTemplates Recaptcha AdvancedKA…
    Answered mkraft 50 views 1 comment Most recent by Dani
  • Emilly
    Adding subtitles on video media for LMS
    I'm trying to add subtitles to our video media, and when I saved SRT file on "Captions" option, the first time worked out and I was able to embed the video media to our LMS plataform with the subtitle.  Now, I'm trying again, but the subtitles are visible only at Kaltura, and when I embed it to our LMS plataform the subtitles are missing. Is there any other option ou some missing point …
    Answered ✓ Emilly 15 views 1 comment Most recent by Russ
  • TMeagher
    Issue with videos with captions and transcript widget...
    We are seeing a weird thing with videos that have captions and the transcripts are showing below the video in the KMS. The actual video is really small above the play head and there is all this black space and then the transcript. Just started today. Have not updated out player. We also see for a brief second when videos with no captions are clicked to play and start to load. Super weird! Anyone …
    TMeagher 27 views 4 comments Most recent by Dani
  • Russ
    Gadget Corner: There's a Light...
    Happy almost Halloween, thus the vaguely RHPS-inspired Gadget Corner post about lights! Image credit: 20th Century Studios Modern cameras and sensors are far more forgiving about lighting than they used to be. The digital (and then HD era) along with software processing has made it so most video will look at least "pretty good" even with terrible lighting. But you can seriously up yo…
    Russ 75 views 3 comments Most recent by suzanne_rees
  • Piper
    What should newcomers to Kaltura learn first?
    Hey folks, I've been with the community for several months now, and I confess that I still find myself confused. So, given that and the fact that we have many new members coming to the community, I'd like to know what advice you have for those like me. Thanks!
    Answered ✓ Piper 91 views 14 comments Most recent by Piper
  • dennis
    I have implemented "relatedFilesPs" custom Plugin - it works fine - except I need for the Paper Clip icon to show up in the "Top bar container" instead of the "Controls container" . Is there a custom object or UI variable to make this happen.
    Answered dennis 13 views 5 comments Most recent by Dani
  • ekuligow
    Controlling /limiting tags that can be used
    Hello community As we rollout MediaSpace the subject of, "Tagging" and "Taxonomy" has surfaced. 1.) Is there a way to limit what tags can be used? 2.) If they can be. Can you limit certain tags that can be used by group membership or the like?
    Answered ekuligow 25 views 2 comments Most recent by ekuligow
  • jpitts8
    How to make full screen work when embedded in Articulate Storyline
    I have a Kaltura video embedded in a slide in Articulate Storyline. I am exporting the project as a SCORM package and adding it to Canvas as a Page. Everything works as it should, except I would like users to be able to view the video Full Screen. All of the buttons work on the player except for the Full Screen. When I click on the symbol nothing happens. I seems to be disabled. Below is the ifr…
    Answered ✓ jpitts8 18 views 4 comments Most recent by Dani
  • abarbary
    Help with setting default stream for playback
    When capturing multiple streams with Kaltura Capture, typically one stream will be the primary stream (large window) when played back, and the other steam a secondary (small video within the primary video). Typically, the desired effect is desktop in the primary stream, webcam in the secondary. Due to staff using multiple different platforms, the student experience is not always optimal during pl…
    Answered ✓ abarbary 55 views 6 comments Most recent by natelison