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  • chrismmurray
    Anyone going to DevLearn in Las Vegas?
    Hi, Is anyone going to the DevLearn Conference in Las Vegas Next week? Would love to connect IRL if so. Is there a Kaltura Presence? Maybe an informal Kaltura BOF? (Birds of a feather meet up) Cheers, Chris
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  • JDCimino
    Questions about Analytics for interactive videos
    Can anyone tell me if the count_loads value will increment if a user reloads the web page, and then presses the video play button again? Does the count_loads truly represent how many times a unique user has viewed an interactive video? Are the sum_view_period and avg_view_period_time values in minutes or seconds?
    Answered ✓ JDCimino 13 views 1 comment Most recent by mkraft
  • amystuart
    Quiz as an assignment in Canvas and iOS issue?
    Hello! I am new to using Kaltura and have created several quiz assignments for one of the courses I was working on in Canvas. A student reached out because it is telling her that there is an issue and it's not allowing her to see it as a quiz. My assumption is that this is because it is an external tool link in Canvas that does not work in the app. I just want to verify with others since I didn't…
    Answered ✓ amystuart 25 views 3 comments Most recent by jbalducc
  • Russ
    Gadget Corner: HDMI to USB Capture Devices
    Hi gang! I thought I'd start some threads on a topic near and dear to my heart, cheap gear! These are all things that work with Kaltura, or at least are Kaltura-adjacent in some way. I have a great love for finding no-name gear and gadgets online and testing them to see if they work as well as advertised. In most cases I order from Amazon because of easy returns for Prime items (if it doesn't…
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  • Emilly
    Kaltura Analytics
    I'd like to export our reports and the only option is to send it by e-mail, besides, we are are not receiving this e-mail with analytics reports as requested.
    Answered ✓ Emilly 50 views 2 comments Most recent by Russ
  • cshademsm
    Can you have chapters appear in a player that's embedded on an external site via an iFrame embed?
    We'd like to have the same chapters that appear in our Mediaspace player also appear in the iFrame embedded player for that same entry on an external website. I haven't been able to find any settings related to this. Is this possible? i.e., once we chapter an entry in Mediaspace, the chapters then also appear on our external site embed.
    Answered ✓ cshademsm 17 views 1 comment Most recent by cameronzimny
  • royg
    Why does "No source video was found" not show up in my default.po file?
    I'm trying to use MediaSpace LanguageException and change "No source video was found" to something like "If you are seeing (No source video was found), please make sure you are logged in." Any thoughts on where to find "No source video was found" msgid? Using "No source video was found" as a msgid did not work.
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  • Piper
    KAMP: Increasing Teaching Presence with Video: Why, When, and How? - Oct 14
    We are happy to announce another KAMP webinar coming up. "KAMP: Increasing Teaching Presence with Video: Why, When, and How?" hosted by our very own @ChristianB. It will be on October 14, 2021, at 2:00 Eastern (11:00 am Pacific). Won't you join us? https://corp.kaltura.com/resources/kamp-increasing-teaching-presence-video/
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  • emrickc
    Is there a way on a main Gallery page to suppress the "media" tab in place of the "channel" tab?
    When we enable this in the KAF, it does this across the board for all other Gallery pages when we only need this to change for one.
    Answered ✓ emrickc 16 views 3 comments Most recent by Russ
  • danlavalley
    Google Analytics for Kaltura Players
    Hi everyone, I had an idea to start to pull out some of the things we've discussed in Kaltura Office Hours and add them to the Kaltura Community. This topic seemed to generate interest from a couple participants - I'm hoping to hear more on if or how you're using Google Analytics with Kaltura players. A couple resources: I created a Google Doc which is a duplicate of the instructions here: https:…
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