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  • toellner
    Cookies used by KMS - kms_epc
    Hi all, I see that our KMS is using a cookie called "kms_epc". Does anybody know what this cookie is about? Unfortunately I can´t find information on the knowledge base https://knowledge.kaltura.com/help/list-of-cookies-used-in-kms-and-the-kaltura-player . Thanks! Alex
    Answered ✓ toellner 13 views 3 comments Most recent by Dani
  • Judy
    Kaf links work for authenticated users who are not members of site where published?
    We have discovered (due to a report from a faculty member and our subsequent testing) that KAF links (for videos published only to a Canvas course site) allow viewing by users who are not members of that course site. So, for example, a member of a site can copy a kaf link (by right-clicking the video's title) in a Media Gallery, and then share that link with others who are not members of the sit…
    Answered ✓ Judy 45 views 3 comments Most recent by Dani
  • mkraft
    Caliper data and IVQ
    I was checking our Caliper data for a user who submitted an IVQ. Will Caliper data be captured even if Kaltura analytics or grade passback doesn't capture the events because of ad or content blockers? Thanks! Melinda
    Answered mkraft 18 views 3 comments Most recent by Dani
  • Dani
    Moved: How can we verify user last access to KMS?
    This discussion has been moved.
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  • Choachy
    Can you customize a player to allow commenting when embedding through BSE?
    Is it possible to customize a player in the KMC that we could enable in our KAF config which would allow commenting on an embedded video? Similar to what is offered when you view a video page in the media gallery, and users can add comments beneath the video, can that be done for a player with an embedded video in our LMS as well? I didn't see it in the general player plugin config. Could it be …
    Answered ✓ Choachy 14 views 1 comment Most recent by Russ
  • ekuligow
    Adding a new tab to the "ModulesCustom/contrib" in KMS
    I want to add another tab to the share choices when selecting share/embed for media. I want to add a different embed choice. I have read all the documentation from the Kaltura KB, however it is not completely clear. I know once I have either a sample or more detailed documentation I can code this myself. Do not want to go the PS route as I need to get this deployed ASAP. Any advice would be appre…
    ekuligow 7 views 0 comments Started by ekuligow
  • Choachy
    Can you hide owner and upload date in Mediaspace?
    I've been asked if it is possible to hide the owner and upload date on a media entry page in Mediaspace. Is that possible? While I'm not sure it is even something I want to do as an admin, I'd like to see if there is even a way to do so. BTW, I used the new chat support to ask this same question and it was great having that as another channel for help. Worked well. Their answer was, "Please …
    Answered ✓ Choachy 7 views 6 comments Most recent by Dani
  • StephenBridges
    Removing black bars from side of player
    Hello, I'm having problems removing the black bars from the left and right sides of the player (see below). The video in question is 1920x1080, and the player is already set to a 16:9 ratio. It seems like this should be sufficient but it does not produce the desired outcome. Any help would be much appreciated! And here's the embed: <iframe id="kaltura_player" src="https://cdnapi…
    Answered ✓ StephenBridges 46 views 6 comments Most recent by Dani
  • cameronzimny
    experience using the Chromecast plugin?
    Do any of y'all have the Chromecast plugin (see screenshot) enabled for your players? (Available via: Studio → Plugins → Chromecast.) If yes, will you please share your and/or your users' recent experience(s) using the feature? I unfortunately do not have the hardware necessary to test the feature. And one last question for anyone who has used/is using it: The "Application ID" field to…
    Answered cameronzimny 2 views 7 comments Most recent by cameronzimny
  • tmckinne
    Idea: vanity view
    I have had several faculty who have asked for a vanity view when presenting. Some of them teach reading to student teachers and want to make sure what they are showing is in full view.
    Answered tmckinne 3 views 2 comments Most recent by tmckinne