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  • Dani
    How to begin a great discussion
    Thank you for starting new discussions and asking questions. The more you contribute, the better this community becomes. Here are a few tips to help you create great discussions: Make the discussion title or question as descriptive as possible. A good discussion title is a short preview of your post and is what gets people to click and read. A well written title is also going to help search engin…
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  • Dani
    Welcome to the Community!
    Welcome! We are excited you are here in our Community. Allow me to be your tour guide as we take a look around the community! Categories We have several main categories which is how we organize the content in our community. The Kaltura Cafe has the Community welcome center, news and member introductions Enterprise is designed for discussion on video in the workplace Education covers all discussio…
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  • Dani
    Community Guidelines
    Kaltura Customer Community Guidelines. Connect, share, and learn with other Kaltura customers and experts Rules of engagement Welcome to the Kaltura Customer Community! We’re excited to have you here. This is a community that exists for Kaltura customers to help each other, so we adhere to some guidelines that will help us all. Your participation here is subject to these guidelines, our Terms of …
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