Weekly Customer Office Hours for 7/6/21

Russ USAModerator, Kalturian Posts: 116 mod

The recording for yesterday's office hours is now available:

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If you don't have access to watch the recording, self-registration is now available.


  • desmondg
    desmondg Atlanta, GAFounder Posts: 3

    Where can we find UI var information for the related files plugin?

  • Russ
    Russ USAModerator, Kalturian Posts: 116 mod

    Hi Desmond - a player-based related files plugin doesn't exist yet, Thomas and the team were discussing the value of potentially building one.

  • mkraft
    mkraft Michigan, USAFounder Posts: 57 ✭✭✭

    @Russ @thomas_ellis @desmondg There was (maybe still is) a plugin that as developed called relatedFilesPs. I have a few support tickets that reference it (see below). If I remember, it was created to add parity when Kaltura moved from the Flash players, which had this feature, to HTML5 players. It should result in a paperclip icon in the player when attachments exist.

    Here's the how to implement instructions from 2019. I have NOT TESTED if this still works in current players:

    1. In the KMC, go to the Studio > Universal Studio and choose the desired player

    2. Go to the Plugins tab and choose the "Import Plugin" option

    3. Under: "Plugin Configuration String:" copy and paste the following string: "relatedFilesPs" then click "Import" (screenshot attached)

    4. You will see that the custom plugin was added

    5. Save Player Settings

    Important note - the plugin will only be visible on the player when an entry has an attachment. So when testing, make sure to test it with an entry that has attachment already, otherwise, you will not see it.

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