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We have been using Blackboard Collaborate for virtual classroom sessions and student meetings. I am interested in an option I saw listed on Blackboard, where people have automatically saved Blackboard Collaborate videos in their KMC. Has anyone done this successfully? Some research indicated that the tool Collab2 would do this but I was not able to learn much about the tool. I wondered if any users here had used it and could tell me about their experience.


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    Heather Crites has something in github that would use the assorted REST APIs. This might only be applicable to public recordings though:

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    Hi everyone.

    Collab2 is a LTI tool developed by eLearning Media, company I work for. My idea when I joined this community wasn't promoting any of our products and still is not. But if you are looking for information Collab2 allows to manage and bulk download recordings from Blackboard Collaborate. In this case, ingests the recordings on Kaltura.

    There are many universities in Europe using Collab2Kal already.

    If you need more information here you have the contact page: or you can also ask your Customer Success since we are Kaltura partners.

    Have a good weekend!


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    I was unable to find any pricing information for Collab2 when looking. Without that information I will not approach anyone on my campus about this product, as coding the REST API is free.