Tool to Identify Embedded Kaltura Video IDs

christopher_phillips Logan, UTFounder Posts: 10 ✭✭

At Utah State University we often have a need to identify the video ID of a video that is embedded on a page - in our case, mostly Canvas pages. Right now we generally do that by viewing the course code and tracking down the entry ID there which can be cumbersome and overwhelming for people not familiar with HTML.

To make that process easier, one of our student developers - Kade Howes, has built a Chrome Extension that you can click on to identify the Video ID of an embedded Kaltura Video:

The plugin is functional, but we are still working through a couple of challenges - especially when it comes to identifying some playlists depending on how they are embedded. We hope to eventually make it available in the Chrome Extensions Store, but in the meantime - let us know if you are interested in this tool, especially if you might be interested in contributing to the code. Here is a quick video of the tool in action:

I will update this post when the tool is generally available (assuming Google approves it!)