Quiz as an assignment in Canvas and iOS issue?

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Hello! I am new to using Kaltura and have created several quiz assignments for one of the courses I was working on in Canvas. A student reached out because it is telling her that there is an issue and it's not allowing her to see it as a quiz. My assumption is that this is because it is an external tool link in Canvas that does not work in the app. I just want to verify with others since I didn't find anything else on it elsewhere.

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  • Russ
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    Hi Amy,

    I tested from the Canvas app on Android just now and was able to launch and take a Kaltura video quiz effectively. I was presented with a button at the bottom to "launch external tool" in the Canvas app. Here are some screenshots:

    Some questions to ask the student:

    What mobile platform is the student using? Is it up to date? Is their Canvas app up to date? Mobile browser up to date? Are any other students having the same problem? etc.