advice re: useful API calls for course video analytics?

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Our analytics team is starting to pull data about media consumption in KAF from Kaltura via the API. Is anyone with experience in this area able to advise on which specific API calls are useful to capture the following data points?

–videos associated with a specific course (so the entries in a category)

–performance of the videos in a course (so I think this would be the "engagement" data/analytics for the entries in a category)

^ ^ because we want to compare how the same videos are doing in two different sections of a course

–the reported info needs to include the category name (so we can match it with the Canvas course)

–user engagement data in the context of a course / –user engagement per video in a course

Am I missing any other big/relevant ones?

Thanks in advance.

Cameron Z.


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    @cameronzimny @Randi_Hill

    Great conversation on this topic, would love to hear others with similar or parallel use cases.



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