Come to KAMP and Present Your Initiatives to Other Institutions!!!

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Hello, and thank you for your consideration to present to other Kaltura clients in the Kaltura Academic Media and Technology (KAMP) Webinar Series! This series is intended to help institutions like yours, and those faculty and instructional designers who benefit from Kaltura, with best practices for using video in your teaching and learning endeavors. Along the way, we want to present best practices and pedagogy for how these tools can help improve student learning. Each session will be around 30 minutes of learning with an additional 10-15 minutes for Q&A. Summarizing the session into “best practices” is highly valued by the audience and we will work with you to prepare for the session . We would love you to share your knowledge as well as some of your innovative uses for Kaltura with our community. 

Please see attached the Call for Proposals form. You may send this to me through this site by clicking on my name @donnaj or email to [email protected]

Here is a link to view previous or future sessions:

And here is the link to the online version of the Call for Proposals: 


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