How to update Custom Data Fields using XML

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I am trying to change a custom data field for 300 + entries. I would like to use bulk upload of an xml file. Here is my schema;

<mrss version="1.0">





<customData metadataId="198" metadataProfile="MediaSpace" metadataProfileId="71">





<TextFieldName>Legal Hold</TextFieldName>









Here is what the log reports;

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><mrss><error>Log file is not ready: Error: Validate files failed on job [86133], Element 'customData': This element is not expected. Expected is one of ( ks, channel ).

 at line 4 [

&lt;customData metadataId=&quot;198&quot; metadataProfile=&quot;MediaSpace&quot; metadataProfileId=&quot;LegalHold&quot;&gt;]</error></mrss>

I have tried multiple iterations and cannot get this to work. ANy help would be appreciated

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  • mkraft
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    I should add that you can do customData updates with a bulk CSV file, too. It's little tricky to format the headers, but WAY easier than XML in the end. For us, we only do XMLs when userIDs or other data not supported in CSVs is required.