Filtering analytics by user results, by category?

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Several of my faculty share videos and video quizzes, and when they view the User Engagement per user analytics, they see all plays of the videos.

Has anyone found a way to filter those results by category? Since the LMS course_id is in the category name, that would be a useful way to filter for just their students.


  • Meytal_Zeldich
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    Hi there,

    I hope I understand your question, in order to distinguish plays and engagement matrix according to users or the playback context (the location from where the video is consumed) your instructors can simply access the video analytics page, for both VOD's and video quizzes. Then they should scroll down to the video performance over time section and click on view details. In the left corner they can choose to filter by users/playback context, this way they'll see on which media galleries there are the most plays (and other matrix of the video) and which users played most times.

    Don't forget to set the relevant time frame to analyze.

    Here's an example:

    Hope this helps!

    Meytal - Kaltura moderator.