Any issues embedding in Canvas group discussions?

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We have several large courses where students work in groups. Students in the groups are trying to embed their video entries in their group discussions via the Kaltura plugin in the rich text editor. We are consistently getting a "Page Error" each time a user attempts this.

Has anybody else experienced this?

Has anybody found a workaround? (Other than embedding from MediaSpace)

I did notice that the group discussions do not reference the course. These seem to be completely independent of the course as you can see in their URLs.

Group discussion:


Course Assignment:



  • thomas_ellis
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    @hub220 , check your litRoleMappings in the hosted module of your Canvas KAF and ensure that the "None" role is mapped to privateOnlyRole to ensure that users can access their media from BSE in the context of Groups. The main issue is that, as you mentioned, Groups are not in the context of a course, so the user's role (typically 'Student' or 'Learner' in this situation) is not actually passed via LTI since this activity is not in the course. Instead, Canvas is passing a 'None' role, so we just have to ensure that we are mapping that 'None' role to something in Kaltura that has access to media and to use the BSE tool.

    @jmwatson , I believe you and @mkraft dealt with this if I recall. Please feel free to add anything that I may be omitting here.

    Thomas Ellis | Principal Solutions Engineer Kaltura

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    @thomas_ellis , you are correct. @hub220 The LTI role mappings was one component that had to be configured, but there is also a component of the LTI install that may need to be modified if you installed Kaltura some years ago. Recent installs already have the proper code, but previous ones need additional custom fields. I recommend doing this in test or beta and testing it out.

    See screenshot:




    All thanks goes to @mkraft for helping us figure this out back a year or two ago.