How to hide publishing categories without deleting them

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Based on the information presented in a past office hours meeting, we revamped our MediaSpace using channels in place of galleries. For some cases, we still have galleries that contain multiple channels. In this case, we removed all media within this "Arts" gallery and moved the media into 3 channels within that gallery. We encourage folks to upload/add their media to the channels and not to the gallery. However, the "arts" gallery is still showing up as an option for folks to publish their media to. In the KMC, I've tried setting the "Arts" category/gallery entitlement to "private" for "Content Publishing Permissions" and that didn't work. Is there a way to hide this category/gallery from showing up in the user's media's list of publishing categories, but still keep it visible in the MediaSpace menu? If so, please let me know or please feel free to share any workarounds. Thank you!


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    I wonder if this would work:

    In the KMS, change the Arts category's Privacy setting to "Open - Anyone can view content (including anonymous users) but only admin role users and category members can contribute content." Remove as necessary any users from the Arts category (i.e., anyone who you don't want adding content to the category). Make sure those who should be able to add content to the three channels are set as members/contributors in each channel.

    I would think with this setup the category would still show in the nav (for everyone), but since no one except admin roles and anyone you set as a User in the category can contribute, the Arts category would not show under the Publish in Category list when they go to publish an entry.

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    Thank you for providing this information. I ended up figuring out that if you select "yes" to moderate content, it will still appear as a publishing category to users but will not allow them to check the box to publish to that category.

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    @emrickc - Fantastic! Would you please mark whichever answer suits your situation as best so that other members may find the solution more quickly? If it's a combination, feel free to write up a synopsis and mark that answer as best. 😎

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