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We are excited you are here in our Community. Allow me to be your tour guide as we take a look around the community!


We have several main categories which is how we organize the content in our community.

  • The Kaltura Cafe has the Community welcome center, news and member introductions
  • Enterprise is designed for discussion on video in the workplace
  • Education covers all discussions in Higher Education and K-12
  • Ideas will be used for improving the Community experience. (We will not address Kaltura platform during Beta and hope to have this available post Beta).
  • General Kaltura category with our resource library and a discussion area for all things Kaltura


Tags are a secondary method we use to organize and sort content in the community. Think of it like you're assigning a "theme" to your content.

If you don't see a tag that you would like to use, let a Community Manager know! (@Dani ) and we can add it for you - we're always adding tags.


The more you do, the more badges you earn! You will earn digital badges as you engage in the community. (e.g. give likes, comment, answer questions) These actions earn you points and points increase your community reputation.

As members of the new community and Beta program you will earn the Kaltura Community Founder badge.

How to Act

Be sure to check out our Community Guidelines! It has guidelines on setting the tone of the community and how to foster collaboration. It also highlights what kind of behaviors won't be tolerated. If you feel someone isn't following the guide, flag it for us and we'll investigate.

Community How Tos 

Get Started | Ask a Question or Create a New Discussion

We encourage everyone to get the conversation going. Ask a question or create a new discussion! It's easy and it really gets the creative juices flowing.

Step 1: Click the "Ask a Question" Button or use the drop down to select "New Discussion"

Step 2: Select the appropriate category from the dropdown

Step 3: Give your discussion a title

Step 4: Capture what's on your mind in the body of the discussion

More tips on how to use the community like a Pro:

  • Use the reactions. These let you share how you feel about other’s comments.
  • Mention others. Put an @ symbol before the username to mention someone. They’ll get notified when you do.
  • Update your notification preferences. You’ll receive a notification if someone mentions you or posts to a discussion that you’ve bookmarked. You can set notifications from the Edit Profile page.
  • Send messages. You can private message members by going to your inbox, or visiting their profile page (click their username anywhere).
  • Don’t want to see everyone’s signature? You can hide signatures by going to Edit Profile > Signature Settings.
  • Check out the community from your mobile phone. Just go to the community URL in your browser - no need to download an app.
  • Want to embed a YouTube video, a LinkedIn post or a Tweet? Just paste in the link. The Community platform will handle the embedding for you!

Have fun! 😄


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