Automatically assign videos to a new owner when transferred from Zoom to Kaltura

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Hi all. Does anyone know if there's a way to automatically have videos that are transferred over from Zoom, using the Zoom integration, assigned to a different owner, without me having to go in every time and manually reassign them? We have a case where a group has a non-SSO account they are using with Zoom, that then transfers their videos to Kaltura. But, since it's non-SSO, they can't access that My Media account. I need to reassign the videos to a proper SSO account. And unfortunately they need to use both accounts. I'm trying to see if the reassigning can happen automatically, behind-the-scenes. Thoughts?



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  • brockbehling
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    Hi Steve,

    There might be a couple options that could help for this situation. Enabling Multi-Auth might let your Non-SSO accounts access their "My Media". If that isn't an option, and you are mapping the owner for the recordings based on CMS user in your Zoom integration, you can update that field in Zoom to match the Kaltura account you want the videos to go to. Zoom has a specific field for the Kaltura integration "cms_user_id" that can be used to map accounts to specific Kaltura users.

    If those don't work, you might be able to create a rule-based workflow within Kaltura to automate content availability based on the specific metadata associated with the recordings.

    Those are just a couple thoughts on what I would try.

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    @ssalina , exactly what Brock @brockbehling mentioned.

    cms_user_id is your better bet (and also better overall) as it provides a more directly definitive owner value to us from Zoom.

    Alternatively, you could take the non-SSO user account from Zoom and then create a Group user with that id in Kaltura. Then you could add anyone that is needed to that Group so that all members of the Group would be treated as co-owners of the content, and see it in each of their own respective My Media libraries.

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