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As most of you probably know, we went live with our chat services for all customers back on August 2nd!  

Many of you have already used this great chat service! We are incredibly happy that this channel of communication has been helping our customers - and the feedback from the surveys we received reinforces that belief.  

Chat support is designed to provide fast answers to how-to questions, assist with small or large issues, speed up information-gathering, and even follow up on an existing case — all in real-time.

In fact, more than 40% of the inquiries and concerns that are being reported to us over the chat are being solved live in the same chat session in which the issue was reported. This is a great Time for Resolution achievement that we are happy and proud to provide to our customers with. Thus, we encourage many of you that haven't taken this service for a test drive yet (including our Platinum tier customers) to give it a try!


Where is it available: The new live chat module is available on the homepage of the Customer Care Portal: Chat is available only for those of you who have access to the Customer Care Portal and permission to open tickets and inquires prior to the Chat service going live. 

When is it available: Chat module is available during both EMEA and US business hours. 

How does it work: We have a dedicated Chat Support team in place to cater this new service. 

Is there a cost for chat support? We have decided to include this premium service in customers’ existing service packages.

Providing you with the best possible service is our continued goal and commitment. Use this service and share your feedback with us!

Happy chatting!