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Hi all,

we're exploring the possibility of using custom metadata for enhancing the entries tags. Do you have some usecases or literature to share? I've searched for ideas here and in the kaltura public website with no luck 😀


  • cameronzimny
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    @scollovati The latest thing I've done with custom metadata is provide a field for users to indicate if they are a student or faculty/staff (in Canvas KAF). I describe the setup in this post:

    I have been pleasantly surprised at its utilization, especially considering I am not enforcing the metadata for the entry to be published.

  • dennis
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    Every asset (7500+) has custom metadata filed that identify (education site) how the video is being deployed, what department it belongs to, what course area and what course number. We have processes defined within our system that utilize the data. As an example we use the course area and course id to create custom rule based playlists that the professor can use to move videos in and out of the playlists and based on deployment we utilize the embed code of the playlist to attach it to a SharePoint Media Tab to display it in TEAMS 4 Education. No actual programming or modification to any Kaltura software it is totally automated from the user perspective. We would be happy to demo to anyone that is interested.

  • scollovati
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    Hi @dennis thanks for sharing that. I'll be very interested in this, especially for understanding how you were able to automate some of the processes described here.

  • scollovati
    scollovati ItalyFounder Posts: 29 ✭✭

    Hi @dennis

    you mentioned that you were able to manipulate the custom metadata values using Kaltura APIs. Can you please share which APIs you were using? I asked to Kaltura support and they told me that APIs for this scope do not exists.