Reporting on Comments Field Usage

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Is anyone aware of a way to pull analytics for how often the Comments field is used on the platform? We'd like to gather insights into it's use (How often, which pieces of media contain them, etc.)

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  • Meytal_Zeldich
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    Hi Tom,

    Currently, the requested report is unavailable out-of-the-box.  To submit a Feature Request, please refer to the Kaltura Customer Care Portal.

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  • alex_umn
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    If you're handy with the Kaltura API, you could follow the steps in this thread from You'd need to do that for every entry ID you're interested in, then do the summarization yourself.

    At a glance this works. I posted this comment in a Media Gallery a couple days ago:

    And here's what I was able to find in the Kaltura API Console using service: cuePoint; action: list; filter: KalturaCuePointFilter; cuePointTypeEqual ANNOTATION; entryIdEqual 1_ew9gf1kk:

      <text>here's a comment</text>
      <userId>[email protected]</userId>

    Hope this helps,

    -Alex Anderson @ University of Minnesota

  • sdicks
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    We find the API usage aspirational for now. What we wonder, is can the KMC allow us to select Fields to display. Attached composite screen shot, an partial example, is that Outlook allows the user to pick from a list of many. Ideally, each Field would have a short description, maybe even connect to Help, Knowledge base article.