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Hello all,

I am working with our Canvas support team to finally activate the Media Gallery and My Media within Canvas and they were asking about student comments and video posts. Do those get transferred with a Media Gallery import? Is that something that an instructor would have to go back to tidy up from semester to semester?

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  • thomas_ellis
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    Hey @josephsalmond .

    Comments are contextual to the course the video was accessed in, and hence previous comments will not show in the new course.

    As for student video posts, that depends on a couple things.

    1. Student videos that are posted as a 'video submission' will be omitted from displaying in the course Media Gallery.
    2. Student videos that are posted in places other than the Media Gallery directly (like embedded in a discussion board, or anywhere else the BSE tool is available) will only show in the Media Gallery IF the Media Gallery setting is set to "Display embedded media in this Media Gallery"

    This setting can be configured globally in your KAF Hosted module, and pending the setting, can also be overridden inside any given Media Gallery.

    Thomas Ellis | Principal Solutions Engineer Kaltura


  • josephsalmond
    josephsalmond Ogden, Utah, USAFounder Posts: 4

    That's perfect, @thomas_ellis! I have been debating this with the Canvas team for a while and this answers a lot of questions. Thanks for the quick response!