FYI: New Release Notes KMC & KMS/KAF (May 29 & 30, 2022)

cameronzimny Dallas, TXFounder Posts: 37 ✭✭

Just posting real quick to point out there are new release notes as of May 29 and May 30 for KMC and KMS/KAF, respectively.

(I am subscribed to all Release Notes, but did not receive an email for either of these.)

KMC Release Notes May 29, 2022 v7.5.1 –

KMS Version 5.107.73x May 30, 2022 –


  • thomas_ellis
    thomas_ellis Virginia, U.S.Kalturian Posts: 68 ✭✭

    Thanks for pointing these out @cameronzimny 👊. We've raised this with the knowledge center team. I received my notifications, but I got the KMC one 2 days late.

    Thomas Ellis | Principal Solutions Engineer Kaltura