Analytics export and Macs

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When we go to My Media and export analytics for a video and download the report from email it automatically goes to Excel on a Windows machine, but does not do so on a Mac. Is there some way to set it so that the exported file is automatically an Excel csv file when downloaded to the Mac? As it is now it is a text file. We found a work-around by putting the text into Word, saving as a text file, and then opening that file in Excel, but there should be an easier way. Thanks, Janice Poston


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    jposton LouisvilleFounder Posts: 6
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    This seems to be dependent upon which browser we use and is the result of safe links being used by IT in Outlook. We no longer need an answer, but cannot find a way to delete the post. If you use Google Chrome for Outlook or even just copy and paste the link into a different browser it seems to work fine and be in the Excel format.