Skipping Ahead in Videos

jposton LouisvilleFounder Posts: 6

Faculty member created a video using Kaltura Capture and embedded it into Moodle. She set it to not allow students to skip ahead, and we have verified this. Students are still able to skip ahead. Any suggestions?


  • thomas_ellis
    thomas_ellis Virginia, U.S.Kalturian Posts: 68 ✭✭

    @jposton , might just need to double check the quiz player settings in your Moodle KAF. You can open a support case as well so we can help out.

    Thomas Ellis | Principal Solutions Engineer Kaltura

  • jposton
    jposton LouisvilleFounder Posts: 6

    Turns out it was a system-wide setting. Even if faculty have it set not to allow skipping if that system-wide setting is not set that change will not prevent skipping. We changed that, but it seems the videos were loaded before the change and are retaining the old system setting. We think that if she reloads the videos it will be fine. Thanks to Customer Care at Kaltura for their help, and you as well Thomas Ellis. Much appreciated.