Why is a grade for a Kaltura Video Quiz not being passed back to Canvas gradebook for ONE student?

davidctaylor Waco, TXFounder Posts: 1
edited July 2021 in Higher Education

I'm looking for some help. We have a professor who has set up a video quiz that is working fine for most of the students in the course. They all have grades. However, we have one student who can complete the quiz but never gets a grade. I've had him try different browsers and he even claims to have tried a different computer. He's confirmed (seemingly) that he doesn't have any ad-blocker plugins in his browser. I'm not sure what else to have him check. Has anyone else out there seen this behavior? I'm looking for suggestions.

More info: when I look at the analytics for this video quiz, I can see the user responded under the "Quiz Questions" tab. But when I go to the "Quiz Users" tab he is not there. What would cause that? The other users who have grades in Canvas all seem to be there.