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Hey community 👋. I wanted to seek some input from you all about completion grading. We've been asked multiple times in the past (and more recently as well as customers migrate from other platforms like Knowmia, for example) for the ability to have video viewing completion pass back to the gradebook. Instead of making blanket assumptions, or just trying to mimic what someone else has done, I wanted to seek some feedback from you all to flex your community muscle 💪.

  • What are your thoughts and/or interest in that (there are some pedagogical, etc concerns obviously)?
  • How should it be controlled? Should every video adhere to this? Control on a per-video basis? Global controls? Per-course controls? All of the above and then some?
  • What should count as completion? 100%? What should happen when a user stops a few seconds shy of the end (maybe in impatience)?
  • How should this be presented in the gradebook?

Other thoughts? 💭

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    Thank you @TommyFix @Randi_Hill and @jenniewagner for your comments, great information.

    We would love to hear from more customers!!



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