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  • emrickc
    Member & Subscriber Displays in Media Channels
    Hello - I have an administrator who would like to know if it's possible to hide the member and subscriber display in a media channel without disabling them. If someone could please let me know if that is a possibility, I would greatly appreciate it. I wasn't able to locate any settings on my end. Many thanks, Chelsea
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  • cameronzimny
    FYI: New Release Notes for KMS/KAF (Dec. 27, 2021)
    Happy holidays, y'all ⛄ Just posting to point out there are new release notes for KMS/KAF: KMS Version 5.106.69x December 27, 2021 – https://knowledge.kaltura.com/help/kaltura-mediaspace-5-and-kaltura-application-framework-kaf-release-notes-and-changelog#kms-version-510669x-december-27-2021 (I am subscribed to the KMS/KAF Release Notes, but didn't get an email about this one [though I did get the…
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  • gcohen
    Gallery order
    Hello there. I'm very new to Kaltura and this is my first post on the community. I'm in the process of configuring our site and have created three galleries that display on our main site. The issue I'm having is the galleries' display in what seems to be alphabetical order. I'd like to display them in a certain order. The three galleries are at the root level of the galleries parent level an…
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  • rburriel
    Log4J2 Vulnerability
    Hi all, our security office just did an audit of all our publicly facing URLs and our Kaltura domain showed up as vulnerable to the Log4J2 hack. Has anyone else done a similar audit and discovered the same thing? Is this a false positive or should we be concerned? And is Kaltura working to patch the vulnerability? Thank you, Raul
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  • Russ
    Weekly Customer Office Hours for 12/14/21
    Hi all, this week's Office Hours recording is now available: https://eduteam.mediaspace.kaltura.com/media/t/1_o2zf3kt6/81193341 This week's topics include a review of Call-to-Action buttons and custom metadata profiles for better media organization from @thomas_ellis! Remember: Office Hours is Moving in 2022! Last Office Hours in Zoom – 12/14/21 Office Hours Winter Break 12/21/21 and 12/28/21 (…
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  • Dani
    Top Kaltura Learning Materials
    Please see the Top Kaltura learning materials below: How to Install the Kaltura Capture Application Kaltura Capture - Getting Started Kaltura Capture - Create a Recording How to Set and Create a Presentation Recording with Kaltura Capture Getting Started with the Kaltura Video Editor How to use the Kaltura Video Editor How to Trim or Clip Media How to Embed a Kaltura Media in the Context of a Can…
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  • steelerfunk
    Normal Kaltura Video Hotspots (not RAPT)
    Does any one have extensive experience with video hotspots? I've noticed that with my MAC iOS users, the hotspots will not appear in its normal video window (mediaspace) until the video has been expanded or goes into fullscreen mode, only then upon returning to the normal video space do the hotspots appear. I wanted to check to see if others have experienced this issue before I submit as a bug. T…
    Answered ✓ steelerfunk 52 views 2 comments Most recent by steelerfunk Higher Education
  • AlexMartinez
    ZOOM/Kaltura integration - learning lessons
    I'm reaching out to our higher-ed members that have implemented the ZOOM/Kaltura integration. What advice do you have for folks that are considering this option? We are just looking into this option and have many questions. If you could please share answers to these general questions, it would be most appreciated. What unexpected outcomes occurred after the integration? What did you do with …
    Answered ✓ AlexMartinez 103 views 9 comments Most recent by AlexMartinez Higher Education
  • Russ
    Weekly Customer Office Hours for 12/7/21
    Hi all, this week's Office Hours recording is now available! We had an incredible presentation from @rburriel from Oregon State about IP Camera Streaming, as well as a great demo and discussion about REACH profiles with Senior Solutions Engineer @jabariscott! Watch the recording here: https://eduteam.mediaspace.kaltura.com/media/t/1_g6ccs2qf/81193341 Remember: Office Hours is Moving in 2022! L…
    Russ 11 views 0 comments Started by Russ Office Hours