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  • davidctaylor
    Why is a grade for a Kaltura Video Quiz not being passed back to Canvas gradebook for ONE student?
    I'm looking for some help. We have a professor who has set up a video quiz that is working fine for most of the students in the course. They all have grades. However, we have one student who can complete the quiz but never gets a grade. I've had him try different browsers and he even claims to have tried a different computer. He's confirmed (seemingly) that he doesn't have any ad-blocker plugins …
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  • Dani
    Customer Care Chat is live!
    Greetings, You have been asking for chat service and we listened. Like many of you, we believe this is another channel of service that will greatly benefit our customers (and the feedback from the Pilot reinforces that belief). We successfully wrapped up the pilot and went live with chat service for all customers on August 2nd! Chat support is designed to provide fast answers to how-to questions,…
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  • Dani
    July 29th Education User Group Follow Up
    We are looking forward to seeing many of you in the Education User Group shortly. We would like to use this thread to capture any questions and or follow up from the event. See you soon!
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  • cameronzimny
    experience using the Chromecast plugin?
    Do any of y'all have the Chromecast plugin (see screenshot) enabled for your players? (Available via: Studio → Plugins → Chromecast.) If yes, will you please share your and/or your users' recent experience(s) using the feature? I unfortunately do not have the hardware necessary to test the feature. And one last question for anyone who has used/is using it: The "Application ID" field to…
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  • tmanly
    Howdy from the Natural State
    Just a quick note to introduce myself if you don't already know me through the Blackboard community. My name is Alex Manly from Arkansas Tech University in Russellville, AR. Where I am the Director of Learning Technology Resources and supervise a pair of teams for Course Management Systems and Instructional Technology Services. We went live on Kaltura in the fall of 2019 after migrating from T…
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  • emilywt
    Hello from WashU (in St. Louis) !
    Hi all! Just a quick hello from "WashU" . . . as we are colloquially known here in St. Louis. Note that we are neither the University of Washington nor George Washington University. Looking forward to the discussion on ways we can improve Kaltura usage/adoption and (most importantly) players. 😁
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  • Russ
    Weekly Customer Office Hours for 8/3/21
    The recording of this week's Office Hours is now available, you can find the recording here: https://eduteam.mediaspace.kaltura.com/media/Kaltura+Customer+Office+Hours+-+8+3+2021/1_5watvxep/81193341 If you need access to the the Office Hours archive please let me know!
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  • tmanly
    Spring '21 Stats
    Institution Name: Arkansas Tech University How many weeks (including finals) was your latest semester/term: 16 Weeks (1/11/21-5/4/21) According to the KMC, how many entries were created between those dates: 7936 From the KMC Engagement Analytics, what are these "Highlights" for the semester/term: Player Impressions: 207016 Plays: 141331 Plays out of how many entries: 10434 Unique View…
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  • tmckinne
    Idea: vanity view
    I have had several faculty who have asked for a vanity view when presenting. Some of them teach reading to student teachers and want to make sure what they are showing is in full view.
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  • Choachy
    Media Pages Open to Anyone Despite Gallery/Category Settings and Published Status
    We've uploaded videos to Mediaspace. We've also created galleries/categories in Mediaspace. The category settings for privacy are set to "Restricted" (all logged in users can view...). We WANT users to have to log in to view the content. The videos are set to "Published" (Media page will be visible to individuals according to entitlements on published destinations). The last …
    Accepted Answer Choachy 3 views 6 comments Most recent by thomas_ellis Kaltura platform