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  • jpitts8
    How to make full screen work when embedded in Articulate Storyline
    I have a Kaltura video embedded in a slide in Articulate Storyline. I am exporting the project as a SCORM package and adding it to Canvas as a Page. Everything works as it should, except I would like users to be able to view the video Full Screen. All of the buttons work on the player except for the Full Screen. When I click on the symbol nothing happens. I seems to be disabled. Below is the ifr…
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  • Russ
    Weekly Customer Office Hours for 10/19/21
    Hi all! The Office Hours recording for this week is now available here: This week we were joined by special guest Sam Thompson to discuss updates to Virtual Classroom, with a special focus on breakout rooms v2! If you need access to the Office Hours archive channel, you can sign up here:
    Russ 7 views 0 comments Started by Russ Office Hours
  • Dani
    "Access Denied" errors when accessing Media Gallery - Important Update
    Hi everyone, We have received reports from a few customers regarding “Access denied” errors when accessing content in a Media Gallery. While this is not affecting all customers and many accounts, and while teams are investigating this with high priority, we did want to bring this to your attention for the following reason/ benefits in case you do come across this issue of “Access Denied” error me…
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  • abarbary
    Help with setting default stream for playback
    When capturing multiple streams with Kaltura Capture, typically one stream will be the primary stream (large window) when played back, and the other steam a secondary (small video within the primary video). Typically, the desired effect is desktop in the primary stream, webcam in the secondary. Due to staff using multiple different platforms, the student experience is not always optimal during pl…
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  • JDCimino
    Not seeing Analytics for an interactive video that I am added as a collaborator
    I have an interactive video, and the owner has added me as a collaborator. I am able to edit the video but I am unable to view any of the analytics. Is this normal?
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  • Piper
    What should newcomers to Kaltura learn first?
    Hey folks, I've been with the community for several months now, and I confess that I still find myself confused. So, given that and the fact that we have many new members coming to the community, I'd like to know what advice you have for those like me. Thanks!
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  • cameronzimny
    FYI: in-Canvas Virtual Classroom Desktop Share broken w/ latest Chrome
    Hi all – posting this for the community in case there is anyone else in the same boat. Conditions: _Windows 10; _latest Chrome (Version 94.0.4606.81) [as of Oct. 15, '21] _Canvas-KAF; _Media Gallery; _Virtual Classroom config "newrowOpenInNewTab" = No When you select Desktop Share from the Tools then click Start Screenshare, nothing happens. You just click, and nothing. Per Customer Car…
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  • chrismmurray
    Anyone going to DevLearn in Las Vegas?
    Hi, Is anyone going to the DevLearn Conference in Las Vegas Next week? Would love to connect IRL if so. Is there a Kaltura Presence? Maybe an informal Kaltura BOF? (Birds of a feather meet up) Cheers, Chris
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  • JDCimino
    Questions about Analytics for interactive videos
    Can anyone tell me if the count_loads value will increment if a user reloads the web page, and then presses the video play button again? Does the count_loads truly represent how many times a unique user has viewed an interactive video? Are the sum_view_period and avg_view_period_time values in minutes or seconds?
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  • JDCimino
    Hello from the Garden State
    Hello there! Excited to be part of this community! I have been working in front-end development and interactive video for some time now, and am enjoying working with Kaltura thus far!
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