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  • melaniecrowsey
    Webcast Stream in Newrow (Meeting Experience)
    Is anyone using Webcast Stream in the Tools section of Meeting Experience (Newrow)? I would love to talk to you and see what best practices you have and compare them to ours.
    melaniecrowsey 92 views 12 comments Most recent by Meytal_Zeldich Enterprise
  • ekuligow
    Looking for a list of "UI Plugins" to more customize a player.
    I know somewhere out in cyberspace' there is a list of all the plugins that can be used to truly make a custom video player. My current need is to customize a V7 player with the following: stop user from being able to scrub/fast forward thru a video, remove the; settings, skip forward, skip back, and PIP icons. I also need away that when the video ends the viewer is redirected to a url. If anyone…
    Answered ✓ ekuligow 51 views 6 comments Most recent by Meytal_Zeldich Enterprise
  • higheredcanada
    Script how to export list of views in descending order
    Hello folks... Just started to learn about Kaltura and one of the questions I have is where or how can we code a script or program via the api, to retrieve the most viewed content within a given time span and in descending order (most views on top and least/zero views at the bottom). This is used as a clean up, reporting and managing content files proactively. We want to get rid of about 30 GB of…
    Answered higheredcanada 70 views 5 comments Most recent by Meytal_Zeldich Higher Education
  • Russ
    Weekly Customer Office Hours for 3/22/22
    This week's Office Hours is now available, the topic was all things audio: Audio Basics! Workflows, tips, tricks, techniques, gear, and more! https://eduteam.mediaspace.kaltura.com/media/t/1_lu1wpsls/81193341 Need access to the Office Hours channel? Sign up here: https://eduteam.mediaspace.kaltura.com/officehours
    Russ 29 views 0 comments Started by Russ Office Hours
  • lale
    Have you tried to restore courses with kaltura video resources from Bb Learn Original to Bb Ultra?
    Hi everyone. I am helping a University in Spain to move their courses from Blackboard Learn Original to Blackboard Ultra. They are creating a backup of the courses on Original and restoring them on Ultra. The result is that Kaltura Video Resources are not restored since Original integration is a Building Block and Ultra integration is made by LTI. Do you have any experience with this? Have a go…
    Answered lale 33 views 8 comments Most recent by lale Higher Education
  • mkraft
    Migrating content from Echo 360 storage
    I'm looking for information on migrating content stored in Echo 360 to Kaltura. If you have any experience with Echo 360, I'd love to hear from you. For context, I am not an Echo admin soit is safe to assume I know nothing about t its file structure, file management capabilities or API. Any nugget of info you can share would be helpful.
    mkraft 37 views 4 comments Most recent by Meytal_Zeldich Higher Education
  • mkraft
    BUG: IVQ grading errors for multiple attempt quizzes
    Hi, team, We've opened Case 00400357 today to report that the quiz users analytics IVQ final score and the attempt results data do not match up when the IVQ is set to allow multiple attempts. The latest attempt data will show the results, but that data is not being pushed to the gradebook or being reflected in the analytics. It's not clear to me if this impacts all LTI integrations, or just Canva…
    mkraft 133 views 2 comments Most recent by Meytal_Zeldich Higher Education
  • MaureenB
    Is anyone "auditing" the accuracy of Human CC from Verbit
    I know we don't really have time for this, BUT -- how can we trust the accuracy if there is no auditing? Given we are contracting through Kaltura, I would hope they had some process in place. Nonetheless, I recently audited a video and found a 2.5% error rate. The instructor was not a native English speaker, but spoke at a reasonable pace and was clear. This was a financial accounting lecture a…
    MaureenB 49 views 4 comments Most recent by kroeninm Higher Education
  • Russ
    Weekly Customer Office Hours for 3/15/22
    This week's Office Hours recording is now available! This was a "New User Coffee Talk/Open Discussion" session! Topics included role mapping, Zoom, playlists, quizzing, Google Analytics, and more! https://eduteam.mediaspace.kaltura.com/media/t/1_jktg0378/81193341 Need access to the Office Hours channel? Click here: https://eduteam.mediaspace.kaltura.com/officehours
    Russ 23 views 0 comments Started by Russ Office Hours
  • christopher_phillips
    Tool to Identify Embedded Kaltura Video IDs
    At Utah State University we often have a need to identify the video ID of a video that is embedded on a page - in our case, mostly Canvas pages. Right now we generally do that by viewing the course code and tracking down the entry ID there which can be cumbersome and overwhelming for people not familiar with HTML. To make that process easier, one of our student developers - Kade Howes, has built…
    christopher_phillips 321 views 23 comments Most recent by natelison Kaltura Platform