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  • ekuligow
    Adding a new tab to the "ModulesCustom/contrib" in KMS
    I want to add another tab to the share choices when selecting share/embed for media. I want to add a different embed choice. I have read all the documentation from the Kaltura KB, however it is not completely clear. I know once I have either a sample or more detailed documentation I can code this myself. Do not want to go the PS route as I need to get this deployed ASAP. Any advice would be appre…
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  • Choachy
    Can you hide owner and upload date in Mediaspace?
    I've been asked if it is possible to hide the owner and upload date on a media entry page in Mediaspace. Is that possible? While I'm not sure it is even something I want to do as an admin, I'd like to see if there is even a way to do so. BTW, I used the new chat support to ask this same question and it was great having that as another channel for help. Worked well. Their answer was, "Please …
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  • mkraft
    Live Stream Recordings & Publishing
    We don't use live streaming much at Michigan. We're testing a use case where we want to live recordings to land any specific Mediaspace channel or KAF media gallery. We are trying to limit the number of Livestreams we have to publish because there will be a lot of really short ones for this use case. It looks like provisioning a live stream from KMS does not let us hit the switch to create separa…
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  • gretchen_kuwahara
    First day back to school stats!
    Like many institutions, Monday (8/23) was Penn State's first day of the Fall Semester. Fall semester starts in person this year which peeked my interest to see how did our first day compare to last year. Overall, the return to in-person classes has significantly reduced the number of new recordings in Kaltura. However, Kaltura saw more unique users and videos viewed/played this year compared …
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  • Russ
    Weekly Customer Office Hours for 8/24/21
    This week's Office Hours recording is now available! Topics: v7 Player Tags, metadata, and video organization Roles and permissions moved to next week! If you need access to the Office Hours archive channel, just let me know!
    Russ 2 views 0 comments Started by Russ Office Hours
  • josephsalmond
    Embedding Content Outside of the LMS
    Our wellness group on campus is trying to embed content from Kaltura to a service called WellSteps. Things are working well the desktop web portal and on Android devices, but iOS devices are not playing back the videos or even loading the player for that matter. We have had a similar issue with Instructure's Bridge platform as well, but didn't seem to get any useful answers from CC. Is there som…
    Answered josephsalmond 13 views 3 comments Most recent by josephsalmond Higher Education
  • fwb005
    Assign a unique Player to an entry from the KMC?
    Wondering if we can assign a specific player to be used by an entry from the KMC?
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  • Dani
    What's New: August Product Newsletter
    What's Included: Kaltura Video Conferencing App (open beta), our dedicated app for Kaltura Meetings, Kaltura Virtual Classroom and Kaltura Webinars is now available for both iOS and Android. Also check out our Get Started User Guide. New Transcoding Profile for Zoom recordings designed for greater transcoding efficiency and quality playback experience was released this week Virtual Events New Inv…
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  • stephanieng
    Issue arising from Kaltura's update ib 11/7/21
    Hi All  Did any other customers using Kaltura Virtual Classroom encounter the following pop up alert when trying to enter the Kaltura room on 11/7 SGT 7pm to 1020pm? The alert encountered by our instance was "Upgrade Browser Version. You are using an outdated version of your browser. Please update your browser to join or check out Newrow system requirements" This was despite the browser…
    Answered stephanieng 3 views 3 comments Most recent by Russ Kaltura Alerts and Updates
  • StephenBridges
    Removing black bars from side of player
    Hello, I'm having problems removing the black bars from the left and right sides of the player (see below). The video in question is 1920x1080, and the player is already set to a 16:9 ratio. It seems like this should be sufficient but it does not produce the desired outcome. Any help would be much appreciated! And here's the embed: <iframe id="kaltura_player" src="https://cdnapi…
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