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  • Septi
    Discovering who have downloaded videos
    Hi all, Is there a way we can get the data of who have downloaded our videos? Currently we can see how many times the videos have been downloaded from the Content Interaction dashboard Also, from API and xAPI I don't see download as metrics listed. Thanks!
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  • Russ
    Weekly Customer Office Hours for 10/12/2021
    This week's Office Hours recording is now available! You can watch it here: If you need access to the Office Hours archive, let me know! Agenda: •KAMP Webinar Updates •Static Pages & Kaltura FAQs •Media Gallery Deep Dive •Open discussion Links:
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  • Emilly
    Kaltura Analytics
    I'd like to export our reports and the only option is to send it by e-mail, besides, we are are not receiving this e-mail with analytics reports as requested.
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  • gretchen_kuwahara
    Share Your Institution's Stats, Summer 2021 Edition
    Hello All! With August comes the end of summer school at many institutions in the northern hemisphere. Which means another opportunity to share how busy or idle your Kaltura site spent this summer. Since my Spring stats discussion was a great chance for everyone to see how their peers are doing, let's do it again for summer! To make it easy, I'll ask you all for some stats you can pull out of y…
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  • Russ
    Weekly Customer Office Hours for 7/6/21
    The recording for yesterday's office hours is now available: Kaltura Admin Best Practices Course Level Analytics Static Pages in MediaSpace If you don't have access to watch the recording, self-registration is now available.
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