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  • RichardStarr
    Where is there working c# sample code?
    I looked at this page The problem is, it does not work with client code which I guess is user created. I have the old client, but I wanted to use the newest provided so I can upload a large file in pieces.
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  • RichardStarr
    Sample KalturaClientTester not working for me.
    Hi, I'm new to Kaluta, please bear with me. I work for a company that has been using Kaltura for a while. They wanted to update an upload process which was failing due to size issues. I found a sample code of c# on the site. github.com/kaltura/KalturaGeneratedAPIClientsCsharp I removed most of the code in the "main" section leaving only the following.  uniqueTag = Guid.NewGuid().ToS…
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  • ekuligow
    Finding the correct API
    I am pulling my hair out. All I am trying to do is get an output of users and there roles. While the API Docs define the field their is no where to find out which of the thousand API's to use. Has anyone found a DB or a KB that can be searched to find the correct API to use.
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  • cameronzimny
    advice re: useful API calls for course video analytics?
    Hello, Our analytics team is starting to pull data about media consumption in KAF from Kaltura via the API. Is anyone with experience in this area able to advise on which specific API calls are useful to capture the following data points? –videos associated with a specific course (so the entries in a category) –performance of the videos in a course (so I think this would be the "engagement&q…
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  • royg
    Using Kaltura category.list API Shows Blackboard_KAF Cat's but no MediaSpace Cat's...
    Why don’t any MediaSpace categories show up when using category.list call ? Is this a MediaSpace set up issue ? Both KMS and KAK portals are functional.
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