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  • tw_qut
    Using the Shared Repository and increasing Category Limit to 200
    Hi community! My institution (Queensland University of Technology - QUT) has recently adopted Kaltura as our video streaming platform and we're exploring options to improve the user experience for our staff and students. Can you please help us understand: How your staff use the Shared Repository e.g. is it helping your staff to share and reuse media? If you have experienced any issues with Kaltur…
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  • donovang
    Collaborate and Kaltura
    We have been using Blackboard Collaborate for virtual classroom sessions and student meetings. I am interested in an option I saw listed on Blackboard, where people have automatically saved Blackboard Collaborate videos in their KMC. Has anyone done this successfully? Some research indicated that the tool Collab2 would do this but I was not able to learn much about the tool. I wondered if any use…
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  • donovang
    Kaltura and Blackboard
    How are people adding videos with the new Blackboard content editor? I need to do instructions in a few weeks when we upgrade Blackboard and am concerned.
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