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  • drobinso_ggc
    Zoom-Kaltura Integration - No Captions
    We have recently set up the Zoom marketplace Zoom-Kaltura integration and it is sending our Zoom cloud recordings to Kaltura as we wished. However, though we have Send Transcripts selected in the integration setup and we have all videos receive auto captions, our zoom videos do not have captions. I have a ticket in with Kaltura, but wondered if anyone has seen this and if I'm just missing somethi…
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  • Emilly
    Adding subtitles on video media for LMS
    I'm trying to add subtitles to our video media, and when I saved SRT file on "Captions" option, the first time worked out and I was able to embed the video media to our LMS plataform with the subtitle.  Now, I'm trying again, but the subtitles are visible only at Kaltura, and when I embed it to our LMS plataform the subtitles are missing. Is there any other option ou some missing point …
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  • Russ
    Weekly Customer Office Hours for 9/28/21
    Yesterday's office hours recording is now available! Agenda: Special Office Hours on Oct 5th! Upcoming KAMP Webinar on Oct. 14th - Additional REACH Profiles, Caption Labels, Reach Workflows with SAML, Channel Services Custom Rules Open Discussion If you need access to the OH channel to watch the video please let me know!
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