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  • ekuligow
    Adding a new tab to the "ModulesCustom/contrib" in KMS
    I want to add another tab to the share choices when selecting share/embed for media. I want to add a different embed choice. I have read all the documentation from the Kaltura KB, however it is not completely clear. I know once I have either a sample or more detailed documentation I can code this myself. Do not want to go the PS route as I need to get this deployed ASAP. Any advice would be appre…
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  • Russ
    Weekly Customer Office Hours for 6/29/21
    Looks like I forgot to start the thread with this week's topics, but the recording is finished and is now available here: Topics: •Customer Care Online Chat •H5P and Player Plugins •Zoom Integration Refresher Links: h…
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  • Dani
    Customer Care: Chat Pilot – You're Invited!
    Kaltura Customer Care is adding chat support and you’re invited! Chat offers a direct communication channel for how-to questions, quick answers and issue resolution. Chat also allows you to check on the status of on-going cases.   Chat is being launched in 3 phases:   Phase 1: Beta  Phase 2: Pilot   Phase 3: Full Launch  Currently we are in the Pilot phase of chat support, meaning that chat is av…
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