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  • mkraft
    BUG: IVQ grading errors for multiple attempt quizzes
    Hi, team, We've opened Case 00400357 today to report that the quiz users analytics IVQ final score and the attempt results data do not match up when the IVQ is set to allow multiple attempts. The latest attempt data will show the results, but that data is not being pushed to the gradebook or being reflected in the analytics. It's not clear to me if this impacts all LTI integrations, or just Canva…
    mkraft 133 views 2 comments Most recent by Meytal_Zeldich Higher Education
  • mkraft
    Caliper data and IVQ
    I was checking our Caliper data for a user who submitted an IVQ. Will Caliper data be captured even if Kaltura analytics or grade passback doesn't capture the events because of ad or content blockers? Thanks! Melinda
    Answered mkraft 18 views 3 comments Most recent by Dani Kaltura Platform