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  • sharon_della
    Did You Know - Refine KMC Content Search
    If you're looking to clean up content, one way to find those long, unplayed videos in your KMC is by using the Refine search. In KMC, go to "Refine" then "Played Until" and "Durations" to find videos not played since a certain date and over 20 minutes long: Benefit: Admins can bulk delete old, large, unplayed videos to reduce the storage footprint and clean up old…
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  • fwb005
    Assign a unique Player to an entry from the KMC?
    Wondering if we can assign a specific player to be used by an entry from the KMC?
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  • Russ
    Weekly Customer Office Hours for 8/3/21
    The recording of this week's Office Hours is now available, you can find the recording here: If you need access to the the Office Hours archive please let me know!
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  • cameronzimny
    strategy/advice for distinguishing student entries from faculty/staff entries?
    We are now getting to the point in our Canavs-KAF implementation where we're instructing students to use the Kaltura tools to create media and submit it for assignments and discussions. The vast majority of entries in our KMC are formal course presentation videos, and some faculty are using Kaltura to make videos, too. As more student entries populate in the KMC, I realized/considered that it wou…
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