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  • mkraft
    Group Watch ideas anyone?
    This question came up today : how to use Kaltura for a group video watching event? We're trialing Annoto right now, so that seems like the perfect fit for chat during the viewing, but how do we deliver a group watch experience where everyone is seeing the same thing at more or less the same time? It feels like live streaming a desktop would be the solution, but that can be labor intensive to set…
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  • mkraft
    Live Stream Recordings & Publishing
    We don't use live streaming much at Michigan. We're testing a use case where we want to live recordings to land any specific Mediaspace channel or KAF media gallery. We are trying to limit the number of Livestreams we have to publish because there will be a lot of really short ones for this use case. It looks like provisioning a live stream from KMS does not let us hit the switch to create separa…
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  • Sharief
    Creating interactivity during a livestream
    Hi All, We are using Kaltura livestream for about a year now. I was wondering how everybody connects/gets feedback from there audience during a livestream? Are you just using the Kaltura chat? Or do you use specific interactivity tools like Mentimeter? When we livestream we always use an other interactivity tool in combination with Kaltura. Would love to know how you connect with your audience…
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