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  • emrickc
    How to hide publishing categories without deleting them
    Based on the information presented in a past office hours meeting, we revamped our MediaSpace using channels in place of galleries. For some cases, we still have galleries that contain multiple channels. In this case, we removed all media within this "Arts" gallery and moved the media into 3 channels within that gallery. We encourage folks to upload/add their media to the channels and n…
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  • royg
    Why does "No source video was found" not show up in my default.po file?
    I'm trying to use MediaSpace LanguageException and change "No source video was found" to something like "If you are seeing (No source video was found), please make sure you are logged in." Any thoughts on where to find "No source video was found" msgid? Using "No source video was found" as a msgid did not work.
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  • emrickc
    Is there a way on a main Gallery page to suppress the "media" tab in place of the "channel" tab?
    When we enable this in the KAF, it does this across the board for all other Gallery pages when we only need this to change for one.
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  • Choachy
    Can you hide owner and upload date in Mediaspace?
    I've been asked if it is possible to hide the owner and upload date on a media entry page in Mediaspace. Is that possible? While I'm not sure it is even something I want to do as an admin, I'd like to see if there is even a way to do so. BTW, I used the new chat support to ask this same question and it was great having that as another channel for help. Worked well. Their answer was, "Please …
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  • Choachy
    Media Pages Open to Anyone Despite Gallery/Category Settings and Published Status
    We've uploaded videos to Mediaspace. We've also created galleries/categories in Mediaspace. The category settings for privacy are set to "Restricted" (all logged in users can view...). We WANT users to have to log in to view the content. The videos are set to "Published" (Media page will be visible to individuals according to entitlements on published destinations). The last …
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  • jamiemorris
    Tools / tips for bulk-managing slides and chapters in KAF and/or Mediaspace
    Hi, Our video team was very excited about Kaltura's ability to attach slides directly to a video. The dual screen playback was also a big selling point for our academic end-users. But after a lot of testing, most have given up using the feature. The non-scaling timeline, combined with the slow manual entry of in-point and outpoint metadata makes it unusable for all but the shortest videos. Has a…
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  • Dani
    Update regarding recent upload errors in KMS
    Greetings, Sharing an important update from the Customer Care team below. The recent Mediaspace deployment on May 11th contained two changes related to resolving upload errors. The first was related to file size. The second added the ability to test a different configuration as another potential improvement. Specifically, it added a configuration feature, a flag that could manually change/contro…
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