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  • mkraft
    Where are the KMS docs for new modules
    It seems like every time I go into the KMS admin I stumble upon new a new module that I had no idea was added. Usually, there are no Kaltura docs to go with them. Since they are in our KMS, I'm making an assumption these modules are there for good reasons, but I have no idea if they really apply to our use cases or not. How do we learn more about: EmailService EmailTemplates Recaptcha AdvancedKA…
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  • Russ
    Weekly Customer Office Hours for 9/21/21
    Hi all, the recording of today's Office Hours is now available, you can find it on the EDU Team MediaSpace here: If you need access to the channel please let me know!
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  • ekuligow
    Adding a new tab to the "ModulesCustom/contrib" in KMS
    I want to add another tab to the share choices when selecting share/embed for media. I want to add a different embed choice. I have read all the documentation from the Kaltura KB, however it is not completely clear. I know once I have either a sample or more detailed documentation I can code this myself. Do not want to go the PS route as I need to get this deployed ASAP. Any advice would be appre…
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