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  • ekuligow
    Adding a new tab to the "ModulesCustom/contrib" in KMS
    I want to add another tab to the share choices when selecting share/embed for media. I want to add a different embed choice. I have read all the documentation from the Kaltura KB, however it is not completely clear. I know once I have either a sample or more detailed documentation I can code this myself. Do not want to go the PS route as I need to get this deployed ASAP. Any advice would be appre…
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  • tavanzandt
    New Release Deployment 6/26 - release notes?
    What is expected in the upcoming release? The link provided in the Scheduled Maintenance notice provides no details, nor can we find any details on the Release Notes tabs within the Knowledge Center. Though there is no expected impact, we'd appreciate having advanced notice about what areas/functions might be affected in the new release.
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  • Dani
    May Product Updates!
    Greetings, The May product newsletter was just sent out. You can view the details here. Regards!
    Dani 34 views 0 comments Started by Dani Kaltura Alerts and Updates