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  • chris_clement
    Is there such thing as a Kaltura equivalent to YouTube's "miniplayer" feature?
    Hi All, We are interested in replicating YouTube's "miniplayer" functionality in Kaltura. In YouTube, when a user clicks the miniplayer button, the video player is moved to the lower right hand corner of the page (sort of like picture in picture) and "floats" above the page content. This allows the user to scroll the page while the video playback continues, anchored in the lo…
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  • ekuligow
    Looking for a list of "UI Plugins" to more customize a player.
    I know somewhere out in cyberspace' there is a list of all the plugins that can be used to truly make a custom video player. My current need is to customize a V7 player with the following: stop user from being able to scrub/fast forward thru a video, remove the; settings, skip forward, skip back, and PIP icons. I also need away that when the video ends the viewer is redirected to a url. If anyone…
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  • Choachy
    Can you customize a player to allow commenting when embedding through BSE?
    Is it possible to customize a player in the KMC that we could enable in our KAF config which would allow commenting on an embedded video? Similar to what is offered when you view a video page in the media gallery, and users can add comments beneath the video, can that be done for a player with an embedded video in our LMS as well? I didn't see it in the general player plugin config. Could it be …
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  • Russ
    Weekly Customer Office Hours for 6/29/21
    Looks like I forgot to start the thread with this week's topics, but the recording is finished and is now available here: Topics: •Customer Care Online Chat •H5P and Player Plugins •Zoom Integration Refresher Links: h…
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