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  • steelerfunk
    Reusing Video Quiz from one semester to another w/same user.
    Has anyone else had the situation where a video quiz was used from one course in a semester to another course in a new semester, in which there are students who had to repeat the course ? Our experience is that because the student has taken the quiz before/w grades in the previous semester, either the new grade is not showing up in the new class or the previous grade is showing up for the user a…
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  • amystuart
    Quiz as an assignment in Canvas and iOS issue?
    Hello! I am new to using Kaltura and have created several quiz assignments for one of the courses I was working on in Canvas. A student reached out because it is telling her that there is an issue and it's not allowing her to see it as a quiz. My assumption is that this is because it is an external tool link in Canvas that does not work in the app. I just want to verify with others since I didn't…
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  • davidctaylor
    Why is a grade for a Kaltura Video Quiz not being passed back to Canvas gradebook for ONE student?
    I'm looking for some help. We have a professor who has set up a video quiz that is working fine for most of the students in the course. They all have grades. However, we have one student who can complete the quiz but never gets a grade. I've had him try different browsers and he even claims to have tried a different computer. He's confirmed (seemingly) that he doesn't have any ad-blocker plugins …
    Answered davidctaylor 38 views 3 comments Most recent by steelerfunk Higher Education